Bean Bags are fun little things, aren’t they? They are a type of chair with fillings inside and it doesn’t have a fixed shape. When you sit on it, it takes the shape of your body. Bean Bags have been out for over 50 years and today you have more choice than ever before – Big, small, huge, compact, for kids even for your dogs!

Bean Bags can be filled with different things – cotton, vinyl, tie-dyes, fur, and many more materials. Some companies even allow you to personalize your bean bags for that extra personal touch!

Let’s talk about purpose – yes, beanbags are made with a specific purpose in mind. Some are made in the shapes of animals like owls, teddy bears, or any other type of cute animal. They complement a kid’s bedroom perfectly.

Other ones are made for the living room – like the big ones. I’m talking about the reaaaaaally big ones! The ones that you can get lost in! These are great when you are coming home from work and just want to relax. Just jump in and sink in! There is a good chance you will probably fall asleep in one because they are so cozy!

Sports bean bags are for the diehard fans only. They come embroiled with the logos of sports teams – NFL, NBA, College teams, and many more. Some even look like soccer ones. One tip though – do not get one if your roommate is supporting the opposite team! You two will end up in a scuffle!

Another popular choice is ottoman bean bags. People buy them like crazy because of one reason – it matches their ottoman. Another big advantage is that it’s waterproof and easy to clean.

Speaking of cleaning, some bean bags have removable covers for easier washing. This cover is most commonly seen in more expensive ones, while cheaper ones have an irremovable cover. Cleaning is harder and drying them takes more time.

I hope this little piece gave you an insight into how interesting bean bags are!